Besides being an experienced business leader, Marga Hoek is also a frequently asked keynote and motivational speaker and moderator. She is able to do her keynotes in English, Spanish and Dutch. Marga Hoek can be booked for keynotes and as a moderator throughout Europe and the US, elsewhere to be discussed.

Marga Hoek is author of the award-winning book New Economy Business and numerous articles in magazines such as The Huffington Post, Executive Finance, Salt and G7.


Marga Hoek is internationally recognized and appreciated as a figurehead on sustainable business and capital. Marga Hoek’s main drive is to contribute, with the biggest possible impact, to business and capital becoming a major part of the solution for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All her initiatives and roles lead to that goal. Her mission is to redirect both business and capital around the world to achieve the aim of making business and capital for good the norm, rather than the exception. 


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Marie Louise Robson:

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Social Stock Exchange,

Investor Conference,

1st february 2017, London

15 february, Business School Netherlands, Buren