Marga Hoek is an authoritative and inspirational speaker; a unique speaker able to take society’s major challenges at hand and sketch concrete paths to success. As a consequence, the prestigious Thinkers50 network has incorporated her in their 2019 list.


She is known to be a visionary, but with a close eye on reality. She combines sharing her vision with many concrete examples of exciting business cases throughout the world. She can engage and relate with many different audiences, in many different countries. She provides the right mix of information, humor and inspiration.

Marga Hoek can speak about every single business sector and is an expert on the financial sector as well. Her insights are always up to date, incorporating world’s recent developments and trends.

Ms Hoek is the absolute best speaker on the Sustainable Development and its impact on business and capital, and is recognized as such since she authored the trailblazing book The Trillion Dollar Shift, on the opportunities the SDGs offer both business and capital.



  • Entrepreneurship

  • Purpose and business

  • Business and society

  • SDGs and opportunities for business and capital

  • Fourth industrial revolution

  • Sustainable capitalism

  • Future of business

  • Finance for a better world

  • Impact investing

  • Board and CEO challenges in a changing world

  • Global outlook on business’ challenges

Keynote speeches of Ms Hoek are inspiring and positive; her shared value perspective on business offers an appealing perspective on the future for any company.


Marga Hoek can be booked for keynotes as well as a moderator.


Fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English.