Business for Good initiates ventures that have a positive impact on our Global Goals. With existing businesses, our business model is a fair share of the business growth, achieved by the international network of Business for Good. Crucial is the ability of Business for Good to conceptualize innovations in such a way, that a much higher level of added value to both the SDGs and business is achieved. Creative combinations of innovations throughout different sectors is key.


Business ventures vary in theme and sector but they all make a clear contribution to the SDGs and all stand as proof that business for good can and will be the norm. 


Significant investments are made in developing knowledge and narrative to enable business to allign with the SDGs. As a international thoughtleader, founder Marga Hoek invests an enormous amount of time and effort to share her vision: business for good is better business, around the world. 


Our primary purpose is to make business and capital for good the norm, not the exception.