Business for Good aims to create access


To innovations

For countries, cities, large corporations and investors, we create access to those innovations that bring the solutions they seek. Our role is crucial, since effective innovations are still scarce around the world and the ones capable of scaling even more. Business for Good has global scouting potential, networks, oversight, and knowledge to ensure access. As a result, we reduce risks and costs while increasing opportunities and potential for those seeking innovative solutions and investment opportunities.


To markets and B2B clients

Business for Good has high level networks around the world, and is able to provide access to the relevant high potential markets and B2B clientele across the globe. By doing so, we accelerate the scaling of For Good innovations while reducing risks, market entry costs and time.


To investors

Capital is crucial for growth, so Business for Good offers innovative entrepreneurs access to capital and gives investors the opportunity to invest in innovative businesses that have a positive impact on the SDGs and present a profitable business case at the same time. As a result, entrepreneurs spend less time looking for capital thus making their acquisition costs and risks lower by working with trustworthy, known and most importantly committed investors For Good.


To profile

To scale, innovations need a clear profile and visibility. Business for Good creates and grows this profile for the innovative businesses we believe in, using our communication channels in global magazines, newspapers as well as our own networks.